IDGlobal Tech LLC is a US based multinational provider of IT project management and incidental services.

We are implementation Specialist Partners with Field Nation and with our expertise and vast experience in large scale IT Project Managements, we serve clients with large multi-site and diverse on-site needs

Today we are privileged to connect with a series of Clients who select IDGlobal Tech LLC seeking scalable results that are adaptive and transparent and so far we have gotten satisfactory feedback that encourages us to serve the world better. IDGlobal Tech LLC has on-demand skilled technical personnel ready to deliver profound IT services to organizations to help curtail cost and expand support with our US based global service center model.

Our Service

Computer Technician

IDGlobal specialize in business technology solutions for companies and individuals by providing premium quality computer repair and support services both commercial and residential customers with onsite services and remote repairs and maintenance. Our computer technicians  are brilliant experts in the computer field and available to support your business 24/7.


We’re here to simplify technology so you can stick to what you do best—running your business. Whatever your business needs, we’ll provide solutions that make sense for your budget. We are your local specialists for all network installations, networking services, upgrades and network maintenance for your business. Got an emergency? Our support technicians can arrive at your doorstep within a few hours.

Data Center Infrastructure

Data center is the heart of your operation. Whether it occupies one room, one or more floors, or an entire campus, IDGlobal can supply any or all of the components for an end-to-end Tier 1 to Tier 4 operation. With years of experience in fiber optic cabling solutions, Internet Protocol (IP) applications, enterprise service and support, IDGlobal has the expertise to maximize the performance and scalability of your data center applications. We provides the right services to maximize your data center

Security & Surveillance

Your single source for end-to-end, IP-based systems that are flexible, scalable, and tailored to meet your demands. Whether you require simple surveillance recording, comprehensive integration, or remote interactive monitoring, IDGlobal is your resource for end-to-end security system solutions. We provide turnkey project installation and service through a single source, eliminating the added hassle of dealing with multiple vendors. IDGlobal’s expertise includes video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, and real-time virtual support, such as virtual guard, virtual doorman, and virtual escort. We have strong experience with 100% IP-based systems that lower cost and improve network flexibility and scalability, all tailored to meet the demands of your environment.

Data Analysts

We are one of the top data analysis expert that helps in reducing business cost, improves plant floor efficiency and increases productivity with safety, using advanced tools, and improves business decision with right analytics. Our main aim is to accelerate business growth by reducing risk in the business. We helps enterprises and brands discover, analyze and interpret data enabling them to better navigate any and all facets of the digital landscape and deliver tangible business results.

POS Installation/Maintenance

Point of Sales system is beneficial for everyone involved in the sales process. Not only does the system streamline business operations and improve day-to-day life for your employees, but a POS system also greatly benefits your customers. With a quality POS system, you can decrease transaction time, increase sales, and offer convenience that today’s consumers have come to expect from retailers. We have setup POS systems for a wide variety of businesses from retail supermarket to large companies. We’re familiar with various types of hardware and software solutions and will build a solution that fits your needs perfectly. We handle every type of point-of-sale system, installing for one location or multiple location

Our Project

About Company

Who We Are

IDGlobal Tech is a global team of professionals who understand the IT needs and challenges of service providers, government agencies and enterprises.

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We deliver a suite of IT solutions and services that optimize the cost, performance, scalability, manageability and efficiency of today's high-density IT Solutions.


To build an organisation, growing consistently, outperforming industry benchmarks, inspiring people to do the extraordinary, innovating to create value and partnering with our customers.

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