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  • Who is IDGlobal Tech LLC?
    IDGlobal Tech LLC is the largest IT Service Provider in Minnesota, with over 5 years of experience serving the IT needs of small and medium-sized businesses nationwide.

    We are implementation Specialist Partners with Field Nation and with our expertise and vast experience in large scale IT Project Managements; we serve clients with large multi-site and diverse on-site needs.

    We are providing a comprehensive range of services including IT solutions (Networking, Security and Surveillance, Software Development, Point of Sales System, Managed IT Services, Data Center and Technical Support Services
  • What is Managed IT Service Provider?
    A Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) is a company that remotely manages a customer’s IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems. You can supplement your technology staff or outsource your IT entirely to MSP for better management.
  • Why IDGlobal Tech LLC?
    IDGlobal Tech LLC is one of the best world Professional managed IT Service Provider. Providing the highest quality in IT solutions with more than 5 years of experience and over 100 of innovative achievements.Our great team of IT experts will helps your business grab new and relevant opportunities for better growth.
  • How Can I Get Started / Speak With your Representative?
    To get started or speak with our representative
    feel free to contact us.
    📞 +1 612 806 8332
  • What is IDGlobal Tech LLC's response time?
    ✔ 2 Minute Average Initial Response Time
    ✔ 15 Minute Average Response Time
    ✔ 1 Hour Average Resolution Time
  • How Accountable is IDGlobal Tech LLC?
    Here at IDGlobal Tech LLC, accountability is built into our business by the responsibility to uphold the great reputation we’ve established over 5years. All our services are backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that states what services you’ll receive and the time frame in which you’ll receive those service. We also implement Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) tracking on every help desk ticket submitted. When an issue is resolved you’ll be able to rank your customer experience. If the review is anything but perfect, your assigned Project Manager will reach out to discover what we can do better next time.
  • Can we take a tour of your corporate office?
    Yes, IDglobal Tech LLC has an open door policy with our partners. We encourage all prospective partners to come take a tour of our corporate headquarters in Minnesota. Call ahead and we’ll ensure someone is available to give you a tour.

    📞 +1 612 806 8332
  • Can IDGlobal Tech LLC create a customized solutions for my business?
    Yes, please speak to a sales representative so we can better understand your business’s unique needs.
    📞 +1 612 806 8332
  • What if we already have internal Technical Support staff?
    We also specializes in supplemental support for internal technical support staff. reach-out to our sales representative on 📞 +1 612 806 8332
  • Can IDGlobal Tech LLC recommend and/or purchase hardware and software products for Me?
    Yes, if you’re interested in purchasing new hardware/software or you are looking for recommendations please reach out to the Project Manager assigned to you for assistance. When necessary your Project Manager will recommend you upgrade on outdated or nonfunctional hardware/software.
  • Can IDGlobal Tech LLC help us develop an IT Security Policy?
    Yes! IDGlobal Tech LLC is ready to serve as your trusted security adviser. During the onboarding process we ensure all the necessary security services are configured to protect your business. If you would like to review or update your security policy at any time please reach out to your Project Manager.
  • How doees IDGlobal Tech LLC handles Vendor Management?
    Our goal is to be the only contact you need to manage your IT. We handles all the management, communication and coordination of our client’s vendors.
  • How does IDGlobal Tech LLC monitor Customer Satisfaction?
    IDGlobal Tech LLC uses Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Tracking software. When an issue is resolved simply rank the experience with our technical support with a smiling, neutral, or upset face. If the selection is anything but a smiling face, a Project Manager will reach out to see how we can do better in the future.
  • What kind of End-User Training does WheelHouse IDGlobal Tech LLC provides?
    IDGlobal Tech LLC provides an on-demand white-labeled eLearning library. You can learn more about it in this video:
    IDGlobal Tech LLC eTraining Library
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